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"Their experienced, professional staff and willingness to go the extra mile for the owner makes working with them a pleasure."
– Robert D. Hershey, Facilities Management Supervisor,
Appoquinimink School District

Meet The BCI Team

The BCI team provides the resources to exceed all project requirements, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. Exemplifying diversification, experience, and stability, the BCI team represents one of the most talented organizations in the tri-state area.

Michael J. Peters

Michael J. Peters, BCI President

Michael Peters is responsible for overseeing and managing all of the company's operations and ensuring successful project completion.

Mr. Peters is an experienced professional, working in the construction industry since 1982. A diverse background in all phases of the construction industry, Mr. Peters has a wide-ranging knowledge of construction management, design-build projects, interior and exterior renovations, tenant fit-out projects, and more. His leadership, communication, and attention to detail play a critical role in the successful completion of every BCI project.


Contact Mike at: mpeters@bci-online.com

Kenneth L. Coldiron, Jr.

Vice President
Kenneth L. Coldiron, Jr., BCI Vice-President

Kenneth Coldiron is responsible for the preparation of all cost estimates, in addition to day to day company operations.

Mr. Coldiron has worked in the construction industry since 1981 and gained his extensive knowledge through 16 years of working in the field. Mr. Coldiron began his career as a journeyman carpenter and evolved to become a project superintendent. After working as a project superintendent for many years, he transitioned from working in the field to his current position as Vice President. Mr. Coldiron is a dynamic, creative, and organized individual, possessing excellent problem solving skills.


Contact Kenneth at: kcoldiron@bci-online.com

Michael W. Pergeorelis

Vice President
Michael W. Pergeorelis, Director of Finance

Michael Pergeorelis is responsible for supervising all accounting functions of the company in addition to managing all insurance, bonding, and contract requirements.

Mr. Pergeorelis has been managing the accounting department of commercial construction companies since 1987. His vast knowledge of accounting, commercial insurance, project bonding, and contract administration offers clients complete project oversight and accounting accuracy.


Contact Michael at: mpergeorelis@bci-online.com

BCI's Document Control/Administrative Team acts as a friendly and helpful resource for all of our customers. Prioritizing customer inquiries, Kelly, Stacie, and Lenore maintain our reputation for long-standing relationships.

Kelly Humphrey

Document Control Manager
Kelly Humphrey, BCI Document Control Manager

Kelly Humphrey is responsible for the document control, including: the preparation of contracts, subcontracts, submittals, change orders, drawings, and more for all projects. She creates and maintains new and existing policies, procedures, employee training, and OSHA compliance.

Mrs. Humphrey has worked in the construction industry since 1989. Her experience includes commercial building and heavy highway construction. Mrs. Humphrey possesses detailed organizational skills and a comprehensive knowledge in document control, contract administration, insurance, safety, and licensing requirements for construction projects. She's recognized for her friendly, responsive service and is well respected by BCI clients, subcontractors, and project team members.


Contact Kelly at: khumphrey@bci-online.com

Stacie McGonigle

Accountant/Administrative Assistant
Stacie McGonigle, BCI Accountant/Administrative Assistant

Stacie McGonigle is responsible for managing all aspects of accounting, auditing, payroll and maintaining accurate document control.

Since 1992, Ms. McGonigle has been working in the construction and transportation industries, handling accounting and administrative support for estimators and project managers.


Contact Stacie at: smcgonigle@bci-online.com

Lenore Michelinie

Project Assistant
Lenore Michelinie, BCI Project Assistant

Lenore Michelinie is responsible for administrative support for the estimating and project management departments.

Mrs. Michelinie has over seven years’ experience in the construction industry, in addition twenty three years’ experience in Information Technology project management in financial and telecommunications industries.

Mrs. Michelinie is very detailed oriented project assistant; she possesses strong communication and organizational skills.


Contact Lenore at: lmichelinie@bci-online.com

BCI's Project Managers are responsible for all project administration and management, from pre-construction to the final completion of the project.

Bill Michelinie

Estimator/Project Manager
Bill Michelinie, BCI Estimator/Project Manager

Bill Michelinie is responsible for both the estimation and comprehensive project management. He provides customized special solutions for business owners with strict cost and time constraints.

Mr. Michelinie has been in the business of estimating, project management, and craftsmanship, since 1980. He is recognized by owners and owner's representatives for his w ide ranging knowledge of commercial and institutional construction.


Contact Bill at: bmichelinie@bci-online.com

Greg Pappas

Project Manager
Greg Pappas, BCI Project Manager

Greg Pappas has over forty years’ of diversified construction and construction management experience ranging from the management of large projects to managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Greg possesses excellent organizational and communication skills. He has an outstanding reputation for working with owners, owner’s representatives and architects, in addition to completing projects on schedule and within the project budget.


Contact Greg at: gpappas@bci-online.com

BCI's Project Superintendents are responsible for the coordination and oversight of all field activities that take place at the project site.

Merlin VandeMark

Project Superintendent
Merlin VandeMArk, Project Superintendent

Merlin Vandemark has extensive experience in the construction industry, including: new construction, tenant fit-out, and a wide-ranging knowledge of interior and exterior renovation. Mr. Vandemark is skilled in managing and coordinating multiple contractors, as well as working with project architects, engineers, owners, and inspectors from local, state, and federal agencies. Specializing in schedule management and overall construction oversight, he is reputable for completing projects on time and under budget.


Contact Merlin at: mvandemark@bci-online.com

Jeff Frock

Project Superintendent
Jeff Frock, Project Superintendent

Jeff Frock has worked in the construction industry since 1982. His construction experience includes major tenant fit-outs, in addition to extensive interior and exterior renovation projects. Mr. Frock is recognized by owners and owners' representatives for his hands on approach of managing and coordinating multiple trades, project scheduling, logistics, and overall oversight of all field operations.


Contact Jeff at: jfrock@bci-online.com

John Bradley

Project Superintendent
John Bradley, Project Superintendent

John Bradley is a project superintendent with a wide knowledge of commercial construction. His experience includes tenant fit-out, industrial, new construction, and concrete construction. Mr. Bradley is recognized for his ability to coordinate multiple trade contractors and to work seamlessly with architects, engineers, and owners.


Contact John at: jbradley@bci-online.com

John Lockwood

Project Superintendent
John Lockwood, Project Superintendent

John Lockwood has worked in the construction industry since 1977. His experience includes new construction and tenant fit-out, in addition to interior and exterior renovation projects. Mr. Lockwood has successfully managed and coordinated various types of projects throughout his career, working hand in hand with architects, engineers, owners, and inspectors.


Contact John at: jlockwood@bci-online.com

Phil Hruska

Project Superintendent
Phil Hruska, Project Superintendent

Phil Hruska has been in the construction industry since 1972, starting in the interior finishes, he has progressed through the carpentry trade experiencing many different types, applications, and facets of construction. His current position of project superintendent is in direct correlation to his many years within the trade and the knowledge developed over that time. Mr. Hruska's is well versed in tenant fit-out, interior and exterior renovations, and new ground up construction. He is recognized for his hands on approach to project supervison, managing field personnel, coordinating trades, all while meeting the project deadlines.


Contact Phil at: phruska@bci-online.com

Mark Carney

Project Superintendent
Mark Carney, Project Superintendent

Mark Carney started in the residential construction industry in 1981 and transitioned into commercial construction in the early 1990's. Mr Carney has experienced both segments of construction and has acquired great skills as a carpenter and is capable of handling any application that is proposed. His field expertise has transcended into management skills which apply to his current position. Mr. Carney is highly respected by owners and fellow tradesman for his approach to get the job done and with a high level of craftsmanship.


Contact Mark at: mcarney@bci-online.com

Ron Fields, Jr.

Project Superintendent
Ron Fields, Jr., BCI Project Superintendent

Ron Fields is a project superintendent with over 35 years of experience in both residential and commercial construction. Mr. Fields is experienced in the management of Carpenters and multiple trade contractors, as well as working with project architects, engineers and owners. His experience includes new construction, tenant fit-out, and renovations.


Contact Ron at: rfields@bci-online.com

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