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Carpenters Union Training Center, New Construction

We as a team are very proud of our accomplishments at the new Carpenters Union Training Center. The project was an outstanding blend of quality, craftsmanship, innovation and design by all. Combining state of the art materials with a green initiative objective together with a design that fits the existing community and surrounding area is a testament to all the team members involved.
Letter of Recommendation

A diverse project team was assembled consisting of BCI, representatives from the carpenters regional council, architectural firm Tevebaugh Associates, and engineering firm Pennoni Associates. Each member of the team, including many individuals from each organization, lent their expertise from the early stages of design, budgeting, and scheduling and continued until completion while overcoming hurdles and challenges which inevitably occur. In conjunction with the (20) trade contractors, overall coordination in the field was exceptional with emphasis on teamwork to achieve the final goals as outlined.

Overall design for the Carpenters Union Training Center was developed over many months of planning in partnership with the Metropolitan Regional Council of Philadelphia & Vicinity of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Great attention to detail was implemented throughout the design phase to create a modern multipurpose 26,000 square foot facility capable of providing state of the art training areas with 60'0" high shop ceilings for scaffold training, welding booths, classrooms, teaching resources, library, and equipment housing. In addition, administrative areas complete with conference room, offices for council officers, work space, and kitchen areas were included to provide a complete stand-alone facility capable of multiple tasks.

As the building was to be built in a largely rural area, blending in the building with the local surroundings was a key element in the design. The shape of the building resembles an agricultural building which further facilitates the marriage of a modern structure with its host surroundings. In partnership with the green initiative, a LEED Silver Certification was achieved utilizing FSC certified lumber, a geo-thermal mechanical system featuring 14 geo-thermal wells, a 50 kW rooftop mounted renewable energy photovoltaic array, and an insulated exterior wall and roof panel system to eliminate thermal breaks, among many other features.

Since the building was to house representatives of the carpenters union and its members, the design was based around materials and methods that are part of the carpentry trade in order to showcase the craftsmanship of its members. The final construction contained a high level of carpentry related items such as timber framing, wood trusses, wood windows, interior wood trim, Alucabond panels, etc. along with many others that were constructed by the same personnel that will utilize the site.

The end result was a successful project, completed on time and within budget, and which will be a cornerstone of the community for many years to come."

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