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Wilmington Trust Center, Interior Renovation

The design challenge for the Wilmington Trust Corporate Headquarters at One Rodney Square in Wilmington, Delaware was to update the interior to reflect the reality of Wilmington Trust's global market and reputation while enhancing security to the multi-tenant building, creating client and employee amenities, updating engineering systems, enhancing the historical lobby of the building and creating an open work environment for information sharing.
Letter of Recommendation

The interior design was based upon extensive market research and a new brand rollout. The color palette of platinum, white, black and accents of red are reflected in the finishes, furniture and graphics. Textural finishes such as fluted glass, terrazzo, limestone, granite and metal work were incorporated in a strategic manner to evoke a sense of quality but used creatively to maintain the confines of the budget. The lobby was redesigned to incorporate under utilized public space into additional functional space. Wilmington Brokerage, Wealth Advisory Services and a smaller but more high tech branch bank were incorporated into the lobby design allowing the client visual access to the interworking of their bank. The bridge that traverses the lobby atrium was widened to remove harsh directional lighting and non-code compliant railings. Additional dining for the cafeteria and employee amenities occurs on the newly widened bridge.

Security in the corporate culture has become a necessity for both client and employee. New security was incorporated in the design both passively and actively. Passive security was achieved through space planning. Moving client access divisions to the lobby floor, a concierge in the lobby and guard controlled access at the elevators; secured employee floors after the elevator lobby and adjacent conference rooms and a new secured employee entrance. Active security elements include card key access to all bank employee areas, cameras throughout, and sound masking systems throughout the space.

The historic Wilmington Post Office space, which now serves as the building lobby, was embellished with period woven rugs, restored historic lighting, client seating and silver leaf accents. The very modern Wilmington Brokerage electronic wall and customer service area creates a creative tension between the old and new.

Throughout the renovated space, offices were removed and a full open plan concept was utilized. The executives were located with their reporting departments to increase communications. Common coffee areas, mail drops and copy centers occur to create communal gathering spaces to further enhance internal communications. A conference center was created to increase maximum service to the client and maximum utilizations of space.

A project of this caliber could only be accomplished with an outstanding project team. The project team was comprised of BCI, the Wilmington Trust Corporate Real Estate Team, the architectural firm AI5, the interior design group Friday Design, and Alderson Engineering. The team worked diligently together to fine tune the scope to achieve the bank's objectives while meeting a clearly defined budget and timeline. Each member of the team excelled in their profession and ultimately gelled as a unit. Communication between the members was instrumental with a heavy emphasis on owner involvement. The project team worked diligently meeting every week to overcome the challenges of renovating a fully occupied high rise office building while maintaining safety for both the contractors and the tenants.

The use of Microsoft Project to prepare extensive, complex schedules and planning was imperative to keeping the project on schedule and all trades informed to ensure that the intricate architectural details of the job were achieved. Together with the Wilmington Trust personnel, department heads, division managers and the project team, conceptual designs and requirements were implemented and made a reality.

BCI worked extensively with over 35 individual trade contractors, the owner, and remaining team members to achieve the final scope and objectives with the budget and timeline constraints. Through the hard work and long hours of the team, the project was successfully completed transitioning what was once a dated building interior into the exquisite look that reflects the image of a world renowned financial institution."

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